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Renogal's Downstair Bathroom

Renogal's Downstair Bathroom

Halfway through last year, we partnered with the ladies over @renogals, holly and Ange are serial renovators, who sold their last project in inner city Brisbane and headed up the coast to the beautiful breathtaking Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.


We sat down with the girls and asked a few questions which we would love to share with you all.


Is there anything you would change in the bathroom?


Yes, we would have added more storage. We did try and find a mirrored shaving cabinet that we liked for the space but we couldn’t find anything that had an abstract mirror. So we dropped the extra storage cabinet idea and just went with a mirror we love, and feel it sets off the entire bathroom design. We would have hung the towel hooks a few cm’s lower too and would have extended the niche (unseen in most pictures, but it’s hidden in the half height curved wall).


Did you come in on budget?


We haven’t sat down and done the final figures on the bathroom budget as yet, but when I looked last we were well under what was allocated. So I think it’s safe to say we didn’t blow the budget on this bathroom, which is a massive win!!!


Stay tuned for more from Holly and Ange with Ms Wila Interiors

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